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It is not monkey business. Having an e-commerce website in 2018 is not an exception. If you want to succeed in the current competitive market, you must be available where people spend most of their time. Unlike the olden days, the number of people meeting at physical places is minimal compared with the one available online. By this, it means that an entrepreneur who is focusing on the virtual arena has higher chances of selling more than the latter.

However, like a good house, your e-commerce website builder plays a central role. A poor builder will always be a disgrace and a costly affair to you. The opposite is also true. Superb builder selection will bear sweet fruits in your business. To enable you to make a perfect decision, here are the top 4 e-commerce website builders to consider in 2018:


Shopify is the language of e-commerce business. This builder is a one-stop solution for both pros and newbies. Shopify allows you to build your site from scratch and provides you with templates and other tools to enable you to make a wooing website within a short duration. In particular, if you are looking on to launch an online store, this is the best builder. Shopify is the heart and soul of the online store building. Currently, it houses more than 600,000 online stores. With this number, you can approve that it is the giant when it comes to online selling. Also, you have access to over 680 experts that are standby to help you create your desired site. The builder also offers you an array of designs to ensure you find your match. Above all, you get 14 days free trial period. Within this period, you can decide whether this is a decent deal or not.


The next giant e-commerce website builder that will make your target audience go weird when you launch your online store is BigCommerce. This builder boasts of having an array of great features fit for pros and first-timers. BigCommerce realizes the need for having a noticeable website that drives sales. For this reason, it comes with inbuilt SEO features that uplift your online marketing efforts. Also, the builder has tons of configurations to help you showcase your products in a catchy and highly attractive way. As you know, 2018 and beyond face the cybercrime threats. To ensure you are secure, this builder offers you a ton of security features. As such, you can be certain that your customer’s data is safe at any moment. Lastly, you can add the analytical tools on your site to check its performance from time to time.


Are you running a small business or a startup? If so, you want an e-commerce website builder that understands your weakness. Budgetary constraints and low expertise are some of the setbacks facing your business and other entities at your level. However, this should no longer worry you. Wix is the best builder that understand your needs as a small business. One of the advantages of this builder is that it comes with an easy to use web editor with drag and drop features. You do not need to enrol in a coding class to launch your website. Also, the developers behind this platform focus on enabling you to launch your e-commerce site at the shortest duration. In fact, the standard time for creating a website on Wix is five minutes. However, you can only use the availed templates. Also, some customers complain about their customer support response rate. Despite these shortcomings, Wix is a good e-commerce website builder to get you online as a small enterprise.