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Draw the attention of Millennials – Check these free ecommerce website templates in Canada

Designing an online store can be really difficult and stressful because there is a lot more to it than just making sure that it looks good. The design also needs to be functional and efficient and you need to make sure that you have enough product pages, landing pages, shopping cart pages, contact pages and so on that are all completely functional while looking great- the one without the other is not good enough if you want to have a successful store. A template is a great way for you to make sure that you get everything you need for your website and today we are going to give you our top three choices for free ecommerce website templates in Canada, so keep reading to find out what they are.


This is the perfect templates if you are selling watches, as the name suggests, but also for any other kind of jewelry, accessories and overall any kind of product that you want to present in great details and with a very thorough description. You will be able to add both photos and videos which will help your customers get a look at the products in much more detail which is exactly what you want, especially if you are selling watches.


This is one of the free ecommerce website templates in Canada that will allow you to really showcase and put the attention on the products, which is perfect when you want to sell lighting fixtures, or any other kind of products since the template is pretty versatile. The template has a very clean and minimal look, but also a lot of charm and personality. There isn’t much going on with the template and because of that the spotlight can be put on the products themselves and there will be nothing else to distract the customer from them.

Fashion Mania

When you are working with and selling clothing that follows the latest fashion trends, then you need to make sure that the ecommerce reflects that by using a template that has all of the latest standards when it comes to the way the products are displayed and presented to the customers. This templates offers you exactly those elements and you will be able to use some creative fonts and very light color choices in order to put all of the emphasis on your products. Fashion templates are also usually the ones that are pretty versatile, which means you will most likely be able to use it for other kinds of products with a little bit of editing.

Making sure that your website is efficient and functional is key for an online store, and using a template will allow you to get all of that while choosing the design that you like the most. Hopefully you found this article interesting and that you will check out these free ecommerce website templates in Canada for your own online store.

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